The Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Department is dedicated to the development, implementation, promotion and execution of best practices throughout all services that will:

  • Enhance the quality of services provided to persons supported, families, staff and the surrounding communities
  • Strive to improve the quality of each person's life through person-centered driven supports
  • Promote a standard of excellence that exceeds regulatory compliance
  • Provide technical support and collaboration with all management personnel and staff to reinforce our commitment to comply with State and Federal regulations in conjunction with agency policy and procedures


Our Quality Improvement Plan is a continuously evolving approach to ensure excellent services for the people we support, CP Unlimited employees and of the initiatives in place. The plan outlines all of the initiatives in place to ensure the continuous improvement in quality care for persons we support.

The following are some initiatives detailed within the plan:

  • Satisfaction Surveys: We value feedback our stakeholders. One way in which we understand how we are doing and how we can improve is through Satisfaction Surveys. We solicit feedback from not only people we support but also their family and/or advocates.
  • Internal Reviews: Quality Management has developed and implements survey tools for each program that meets not only regulatory standards but also Agency Policy and Procedures in addition to Best Practices.
  • Quality Analysis: A mechanism to measure and analyze agency systems and practices in order to ensure areas of concern identified are addressed appropriately and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • Electronic Data Management: Precision Care is an integrated system that allows for the collection of programming data, medical and behavioral tracking. Precision Care when fully implemented in all services will assist with the reduction of paper; streamlining communication and storage of information.
  • Incident Management: Data is collected and analyzed regarding all incidents filed in all required categories. This information is measured, analyzed and trends are identified.

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