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Dear Staff and Families,

We are now experiencing a health crisis unlike any other in our lifetime.  COVID-19 is a non-discriminatory disease that impacts everyone, either directly by contracting the disease or indirectly by social distancing, staying at home, running out of essentials and all the other daily life changes that we are experiencing.  For our families, we have asked you not to visit your family member so we can limit the contact with the outside world and for our staff, we have asked you to work long hours in homes where you are frightened by the thought of contracting the coronavirus.   And you all say ok because you know that this is what CP Unlimited must do to keep our individuals and our staff safe.

We have a wonderful Medical Director who is guiding us through all of our protocols and a staff of nurses who are working tirelessly to provide the best medical care possible.  And all our direct support staff and others who are working in the homes are providing care and kindness to everyone throughout the whole day.  Since we can’t go out into the community but must remain in or close to home, it is particularly challenging to fill the day with activities.  But having the day program staff join us in the residences has been a big help and they bring new skills and activities to our homes.

Many of our day program staff are also working with the families of our folks who still live at home.  And I know they are finding ways for everyone to enjoy socializing through their phones or tablets.  Creative thinking on the part of all our staff will help to make the at home time more enjoyable for everyone.  Our clinical staff are working in the residences through telehealth to make sure that our people don’t lose important skills, some of our bus drivers have joined the residential staff and our engineers and maintenance staff are making sure that the houses and apartments and day programs are sanitized regularly.  

And all of our support staff are making sure that the engine is running smoothly, while maintaining their social distancing and often working from home.  Staff are being paid, new staff are being hired, training on new policies and practices are being conducted by video, bills are being paid, computers in homes are being maintained and everyone is focusing on how to keep our individuals and staff safe.  We are trying, every day, to make CP Unlimited a safe and secure environment.  We certainly won’t be spared from the coronavirus, but we hope to minimize the risk to all who live with and work for us.

We know you have many questions every day.  Some of the questions are work related, some are health related, some will be about your family member and some are about where to find services for COVID-19.   We want to be sure that we are there to answer your questions night and day.  So, starting 4/6/2020, we will have a HOT LINE working to help you get the information you need.  This is for STAFF and FAMILIES and you will find more information on the website in the coming days.  But the most important thing is the phone number.  The number is 716-304-0003. 

I want you to know that we are all working diligently to provide a calm, safe life for the people who live with us or rely on us for any support.  We are all in this together and together we will make it to the other side.

Please be safe,



Susan Constantino
President & CEO

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