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To All:

As we limit unnecessary travel, practice social distancing and wash our hands a LOT to limit the spread of COVID-19 here are some things to keep in mind ...

Thanks and Thoughts

Thank those that are still going to work everyday so we have groceries and gas for our vehicles. Those people are risking their well-being to help us survive during this crisis.? 
Give some thought to the workers that are still processing food or manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment for us and the warehouse staff, truckers and delivery personnel that are getting all your online orders to you, including your local postal delivery person.

All of these individuals are soldiers in this crisis as much as anyone.

Healthcare Worker Connection

Everybody knows a Healthcare Worker: DSPs, CSPs, nurses, doctors and the staff supporting their work. They risk their lives for the individuals that are the most vulnerable individuals in our community. Send those Super Heroes a note of gratitude for their dedication, compassion and bravery. 

Remember those that are Out of Work 

Some people can work remotely drawing a paycheck while their businesses are closed. But for others it’s not so easy. Millions of employees have had significant reductions in their income or aren’t getting paid at all during this crisis. If you order take out from a place that is still open, try to tip generously. If your favorite bar and restaurant are closed, consider going online and buying a gift certificate to be used when they reopen.

Be Kind to People 

We are all anxious and worried to some degree, even those that profess not to be. Show everybody extra consideration, and if people snap at you, give them a break. At some point, you will probably snap at somebody yourself and they can return the favor.


Routines help people feel in control of what is happening to our world. Create routines with those you are spending a lot of time! Routines that allow for both interaction time and alone time. Some people need more alone time than others, but all of us need some. Get out of the house: Go for a walk, sit on the porch or something. On the other hand, if you are sheltering alone, call people on the phone or use services like Skype, Zoom and Facetime. Some people are even doing virtual meals, playing games like Pictionary with friends through Facetime or reading to a grandchild in an application that allows you and the child to see each other and to virtually "turn the pages" of the book. 

Lend a Helping Hand

Being helpful in a time of crisis, can be very powerful in giving us purpose. Here are some possible ways: 

- If you know people who are going through this alone, call them, to make sure they have what they need and to give them some human contact. This goes DOUBLE if they are older.

- If you are a seamstress make a cloth mask.

- Many of those living at an elder care facility can't receive visitors. Contact a nursing home, get the names of people to write to and organize a letter writing effort with your friends or connect with a teacher that you know who is looking for a writing project for their students.

Embrace Change

Many/most of us resist change. During this crisis we have no choice except to change, so resisting that change only adds stress. We have change in our home life - kids at home ALL the time, how we work - telehealth, remotely, virtual classrooms, and how we connect with others. Think of embracing the change. As human beings we will do what we have always done: improvise, adapt and overcome.

Remember to meet your own needs, if you can keep yourself centered in this time of crisis that calm will pervade all those around you. We are all in this together and we will be stronger as individuals, families, a nation and a world because of this common struggle.


Executive Director

Racker of Ithaca NY

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