CP Unlimited held their first virtual 10-week cooking course this past spring.   It was a packed class of 10 students who took the class very seriously and learned how to navigate the kitchen, use multiple appliances, use a variety of kitchen tools, practice kitchen safety, follow a recipe, create a grocery list, go shopping and most of all they learned how to prepare healthy foods independently.  

Our cookbook includes snacks, breakfast foods, lunch foods, dinner, deserts and picnic foods.  We were able to have a dinner party for our last class at Central, the theme was, “Indoor Picnic.”  All students had to prepare their own picnic sandwich and salad, we had watermelon, fruit infused water and we ended with  each student making S’mores for desert. I am so proud of our Chefs, they worked hard for 10 weeks, came to class prepared and are looking forward to more cooking classes in the future.  

During our last class in June all students received their well deserved Chef Hats. Certificates and colanders were given to staff who went above and beyond to make this class a reality.  A special thank you to Ginny Zelhof who assisted the class each week and who decorated so beautifully for our Dinner Party. Thank you to Lesley Pickersgill and Tiffany Smith who helped out during every class to make sure technology was working and that students were prepared.  It was definitely a team effort that made this cooking class such a success!

"Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is progress,
and working together is success"
~Henry Ford





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