How AI Can Improve Products for People with Impaired Speech

Marilyn Ladewig, our Article 16 Speech Language Pathologist, in the Bronx was approached by Project Euphonia in 2019 after connecting with Philip Nelson Ph.D., Director of Engineering in Google Research. Based on her vast array of experience of speech disorders, Marilyn will assist Google researchers in identifying individuals with dysarthria or other speech impediments, to further develop their software. She has assisted in recruiting voice donators who are patients with dysarthria who provide their voices to specialized software to create more intelligible language.

This is ground breaking technology as it will allow individuals with speech impediments new avenues of #communication, consequently increasing social participation. Older technologies only allowed the ability to program phrases; or words were required to be typed in an augmentative communication device. The software being developed in Project Euphonia allows individuals to share their thoughts, conversations, and ideas instantaneously, in a more natural context. Beyond communication, this new technology has the potential to increase an individual’s self-esteem by opening doors to employment, school, or other community activities.

The longer term goal of the collaboration is to solicit the participation of CP of NYS Affiliates in Project Euphonia.

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