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CP Unlimited provides range of person-centered day and vocational services aimed at enhancing independence, community inclusion and vocational opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities. Our programs are available in all 5 boroughs of New York City.

Group Supplemental Day Habilitation (Site-Based)

Our site-based Day Habilitation programs provide diverse opportunities for people diagnosed with developmental disabilities to enhance their independent living and vocational skills. Agency transportation is provided to all persons who attend these programs. A program nurse is available at all locations to attend to persons medical needs. Our site-based day programs are also attached to our article 16 clinics and provide physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy services to our persons. All our day and vocational programs are actively enrolling new individuals.

If you are considering our day or vocational services for your young adult please contact our coordinator of intake Ms. Kadia Hibbert (, Phone: (646-235-6328).

Our site-based Group Day Hab locations:


West Farms Center,
1880 Bryant Avenue
Bronx, NY 10460
Contact: Albert Arrietta, Director of Day Services
Phone: (718) 665-6414


Linda Buch Gherardi Center
921 East New York Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11203
Contact: Claudette Perkins, Administrator of Day Services
Phone: (718) 778-8587

Carmen Aquilone Day Center
2440 Fulton Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Contact: Leandre Constantine, Director of Day Services
Phone: (718) 408-5180


Long Island City Day program
36-40 Fulton Street,
Long Island City, NY 11101
Contact: Leandre Constantine, Director of Day Services
Phone: (718) 215-2183

Staten Island

Cora Hoffman Center Day Program
2324 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10303
Contact: Marleen Whitman, Administrator of Day Services
Phone: (718) 370-8044

Group Supplemental Day Habilitation with Walls

Our supplemental Day Habilitation program provides recreational and social opportunities for people diagnosed with developmental disabilities after 3 PM (Monday to Friday). Agency transportation is provided to all person's who attend this program.

Contact: Albert Arrietta, Director of Day Services

Vocational Services

Constructive Partnerships Unlimited offers variety of community based vocation programs aimed at supporting people in obtaining and maintaining employment in an integrated setting. These services are provided to people in all 5 boroughs of NYC.

Group Supplemental Day Habilitation (Site-Based) and Community Prevocational services

Day Habilitation without Walls and Community Prevocational services are fully community based person centered programs utilizing a wide array of volunteer sites in the NYC area to provide people with meaningful work-based opportunities. Services are allocated based on each person's vocational interests. Travel to volunteer sites require persons who can utilize Access-A-Ride or public transportation.

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to Employment is a person centered career/vocational employment planning and support service which typically lasts for a year. The program assesses whether person's are ready for paid employment through a series of interviews, observations and internship opportunities. A career plan is prepared and a job discovery report is generated at the end of this service.

Employment Training Program (ETP)

Employment Training Program (ETP) offers people the opportunity to participate in a paid internship. Each person will be hired as an intern at a business in the community and the wages will be paid by the ETP program during the internship. Intensive job coaching is provided to equip the person with the necessary skills needed to retain employment (a service provided by OPWDD).

Supported Employment (SEMP)

Supported Employment (SEMP) provides ongoing support for people to obtain and maintain competitive employment. Job coaches assist the person with job search, interviews, and 1:1 job coaching. SEMP services are supported by ACCES-VR funding or by NYS OPWDD.

For more information on vocational programs contact: Marcia Lewis, Associate Director

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