CP Unlimited cares for IDD persons across the spectrum of medical needs, from those with no major medical problems to those with multiple complex medical conditions. Depending on the medical services required, our residences range from ICFs (for those needing 24/7 nursing care) to independent living arrangements. The goal of the medical service is to support our IDD persons to attain and maintain wellness, so they can participate and enjoy the various programs & activities available to them. CP Unlimited embraces patient-centered care and participates in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ aim of improving health outcome, reducing avoidable ER visits and reducing hospitalization. The medical services have been upgraded to provide innovative care which includes:

We offer telemedicine service, which reduces the number of avoidable ER visits to keep our persons in the comfort of their homes while being cared for non-emergency acute medical complaint. Telemedicine doctors provide services audio-visually.

We are a leader in providing palliative care services.  Our multidisciplinary staff from ICFs & IRAs participate in the Mount Sinai Palliative Care training program.  They provide preventive & integrated care to those with chronic medical conditions to enable them to attain the quality of life they desire.

We assist our individuals in making the transition to managed care to achieve seamless care coordination between care givers, primary care providers and specialists. The majority of our persons are under the care of Metro Community Health Center (MCHC) which specializes in serving the IDD population for medical, mental health, dental and specialty services.

We provide Rehabilitation and Behavior Health Services, to improve and/or maintain speech, mental health, ambulation, mobility & some degree of independence for ADL in their homes as well as in clinic setting.


CP Unlimited operates Article 16 clinics throughout New York City and in the Hudson Valley area. We are licensed under OPWDD, with a goal of improving the quality of life for persons who have long term conditions, which prevent engagement in activities and social participation. The Article 16 clinic works directly with our Physiatrist and other professional staff in providing Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy services, in addition to Psychotherapy and Counseling. The Article 16 clinics are equipped to address the needs of persons seeking durable medical equipment, such as customized wheelchairs, walkers, augmentative communication devices, or orthopedic shoes and braces. Our highly skilled, certified, and licensed staff work with trusted outside vendors to deliver these products and services.

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Constructive Partnerships Unlimited (Formerly Cerebral Palsy Association of New York State)

40 Rector Street, 15th Floor New York, NY 10006

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