• Wheelchair Clinics Through August 2024

    CP Unlimited invites wheelchair users and their direct service providers and families to book an appointment for a free wheelchair cleaning, maintenance, and sanitizing. The next clinic will be held in The Bronx on May 18!

    Ƙara Koyi
  • Celebrating CP Nurses

    The role of Nurses in the CP ecosystem is that of a dependable safety net and standard-bearer of well-being for the people we support. None of what we do or accomplish as an Agency would be possible without the Nurses, Medical Coordinators, and other members of this important group.

    Ƙara Koyi
  • Endorsing the “Traveling with Dignity” Act

    We thank Senator Jake Ashby of District 43 and Assembly Member Anil Beephan, Jr. of District 105 for their sponsorship and endorsement of the Traveling with Dignity Act, mandating height-adjustable adult changing tables at public venues in New York State.

    Ƙara Koyi