MOVE {Mobility opportunities Via Education/Experience} was introduced to us by Melissa D'Accordo, Ph.D. from CPU after meeting with several families from the SI community who expressed their interests about MOVE for their children.  Through Melissa's fundraising efforts, money was raised to purchase the MOVE equipment and training.  MOVE is an activity-based program being carried out at The Cora Hoffman Center that combines therapy with an instructional process designed to help people acquire increasing amounts of motor skills needed for sitting, standing, walking and transitioning. The hope of the program is to reduce the amount of equipment a person needs as they become more mobile and independent.  Randy James, pictured below and above, is part of the MOVE program and was very excited to interact with Josue while he painted. 

Josue worked all day on the mural at the Cora Hoffman Center Day Program, his work brought smiles to the faces of all as they watched him paint and transform the blank wall into a work of art.  Josue painted a green butterfly because he said that green brings a message of hope and encouragement. He also said that butterflies symbolize change, growth and transition. 

Constructive Partnerships Unlimited /The Cora Hoffman Center is so thankful to Josue for his donation of his time and talent. We also appreciate the donation of paint and supplies provided by our friends at the Giving Circle. 

Josue is looking forward to coming back to socialize with his new friends at the Cora Hoffman Center and to paint more works of art on our walls. 
Martin Luther King once asked, " Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?" The people involved with the Giving Circle and Artist Josue have answered that very important question by donating their time and talents and are always asking, " What else can we do for You?"  

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