On June 30th, 2021, The Staten Island Giving Circle’s founder, Evelyn Kormanik, and President Michele Yacovello, came to the Cora Hoffman Center. Their intent was to honor staff/Habilitation Aides, Habilitation Counselors, Bus Drivers and Bus Aides for all they do. They wanted to show their appreciation to the essential workers for all their hard work during the pandemic. They expressed that CPU/CHC’s essential worker’s put the people we serve first and that they worked throughout the pandemic putting their own lives and the lives of their families at risk in order to ensure a safe, happy environment for the people we serve. For this accomplishment the Giving Circle praised our staff and presented all of the essential front-line staff with breakfast and gave each staff/driver and driver’s aide a $50.00 gift certificate. Evelyn and Michele expressed that they wished they could do more and give more to show their appreciation. Needless to say, our staff was very touched by their gesture and were very happy and appreciative to be honored.

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The Giving Circle is comprised of amazing everyday people who use their talents and resources to volunteer and help others. The Giving Circle is always giving from their huge collective hearts. We have many of the volunteers working with us, planning remote special learning activities such as singing, art classes, dance classes, floral arrangements, etc. One of the artists is working on painting a huge mural of a butterfly for our M.O.V.E. program. Founder Evelyn Kormanik is always working with us and asking what we need and how she can help. She has a long reach in the community and her many volunteers are more than willing to help. So no matter what is needed she will find the right person for the job! 

As soon as the pandemic is over, we will have the pleasure of meeting more volunteers in person. They will be volunteering at The Cora Hoffman Center and using their talents to enrich the lives of the people we serve. We plan on being part of the Giving Circle and will be volunteering with them as well at other sites such as their food pantry, etc. 

“Volunteers give the time of their lives”.  The Giving Circle certainly embodies that quote.

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